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Connect to Spirit, to Self, to Others and to the Earth

connection, contact, meeting, relation, agent, kin, touch, 

Connection implies that one thing has touched another thing. That touch transfers something of the essence of one to another. It literally contextually relates them to one another and relation implies the common word for family ...


Modern Life

In today's world with all of our media and technological advances, we are most efficiently sharing information, but not connecting in a soulful way to anyone. We bend over to look at our phones, we miss out on chance eye contact between strangers, which used to lead to greater social communities and even love. 
Be in Community and Have Relationships: Dance Tango
Our bodies are out of whack and in pain because of this continuous bending toward our phones, while get overwhelmed easily by so many options.
Feel Good: Practice Yoga
We spend more time gathering information and transferring it to the cloud rather than creating true crafts and connecting to nature, building confidence and a sense of accomplishment, production and artistry.
Become a Creator: Make and Fly Kites

Connection is the solution.


Finding greater happiness in life has always been linked to creating greater connection in my life. I’ve found connection through exploring creativity and art; through sharing my creations, my thoughts and feelings; through the repeated practice and discipline of doing these activities that encourage well being; through being open to growth and change as a student in these practices and to cultivating relationships and community with the earth and all its inhabitants.  Finding the art, communion, practice and therapy in the many aspects of my life has helped me to feel more connected to everything. For exploring art is a practice and therapy and as soon as this is shared with anyone, it becomes a relationship that binds us to one another toward a higher ideal.  Everything we authentically are and stand for, when shared adds to the greatness and well being of our world.