Connect to the divine through creating and connecting to the mysterious through art in nature.

Kiting is one of those unnecessary yet enjoyable activities that let's us practice being in flow. Wind and weather forces act upon the kite in ways we can only in a small way predict. So we play with our options, getting more and more at ease in the transitions of the wind, just as we hope we get more graceful at handling the changes in life.

Kiting connects us to play, to artistry, to nature. Feeling the wind tug on a kite line is an extraordinary and yet wonderfully ordinary experience, similar to breathing. We can see the effects of wind, but we don't actually see wind. Like Prana and breath itself, we know it moves us, generates life, but we only see and feel its effects. To sit on a beach or wide open field with a steady but not too strong breeze blowing and a kite, perhaps even with my eyes closed so that I can fully focus on the kite, is a beautiful meditative experience. This focus takes me up and away from my own experience and directs me toward something mysterious, unseen, paradoxical in nature, certainly of nature and of a power and magnitude beyond which I can possibly fathom, to what I call Spirit, God or whatever you wish to call it. I find a peace here, actually connecting to something beyond myself. Flying kites puts me in majestic state of flow, the finite connected to the infinite kind of flow.



Heather Morrow started flying kites at 9 years old with her father in the back yard. They flew a dual-line red Skynasoar stunt kite. The back yard was up against the harbor in Cape May and this kite liked to get wet. She and her father taped glow sticks to the kite and flew it at night; they took it to all the local beaches and flew it everywhere. 

Heather started working at a kite shop at age 15 and spent her summers looking to the trees as soon as she woke up in the morning to see the strength and direction of the wind. She started competing in national kite competitions in 1990, as an individual with a white flexifoil and then in pairs with Stacey Reynolds. She worked for Wildwood Bikes and Kites in Wildwood, NJ, Meadow Mouse Kites in Yardley, PA, Klig's Kites in Myrtle Beach, SC and then worked for Kiteman Productions at Epcot Center, Disney World, Orlando, FL, in the wind and water show, Surprise in the Skies. She continued to work in kiting whenever possible for Kiteman at many Orlando theme parks. At a recap of the show in 1996, Heather met Curtiss Mitchell and Marc Ricketts and joined GuildWorks as an indoor Great Zero Wind Deca performer and helped make the GuildWorks promotional video. After graduating college, Heather worked for Nova Design Group, the US distributer of HQ kites, and continued to travel to kite events, demonstrating, teaching and selling kites at kite festivals and toy and gift fairs, while helping them to make the How to fly Dual-line kite video. Heather was invited to the indoor kite festival in Colombia in 1998.

While at Guildworks, she connected with Heather Henson and began flying indoor kites in theater productions about environmentalism and nature. The connection with Ms Henson grew and continued over the years, such that as Ms Henson's company developed into Ibex Puppetry, Ms Morrow was invited to perform, choreograph and teach indoor kiteflying and kitebuilding for their indoor and outdoor shows of Celebration of Flight and Awaken: A Crane Story, which toured to Minnesota, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Florida, Wisconsin, Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, Colorado, Indonesia, Khazakstan and China. During this time, she performed with Lisa Willoughby, Scott Weider, and Curtiss Mitchell, among other great kite flyers. Heather also continued to work for Bruce Flora of Kiteman Productions in Dubai, Kuwait and Doha, performing by flying electrified firework kites off the back of jetskies. And was choreographer and kiteflyer for Carneval working for GuildWorks in 2014. Heather has most recently performed at ArteVento 2015, in Cervia, Italy, with Curtiss Mitchell. 

Heather is currently designing and building kites in all her free time as she raises a teenager and continues to teach tango and yoga in her home in Aspen, CO





HEIGHT: 5’4’’ WEIGHT: 118 lbs • HAIR: Blonde • EYES: Hazel • DOB: 4/6/72

Internationally experienced Kite-flying artist with over 20 years of consulting, choreography and performing in all wind conditions, outdoor and indoor, solo/groups as well as pyrotechnics


Kite Performer, Puppeteer, Instructor, Dance Captain & Choreographer, Indoor/Outdoor Theaters Heather Henson’s Ibex Puppetry 2012-2014


  • Celebration of Flight (outdoor theater) 
  • Flight: A Crane’s Story (indoor theater) 

Locations Included:

  • Orlando Fringe Festival (2014)
  • Sandhill Crane Festival, Kearney, NE (2014)
  • National Crane Foundation Gala Show, Milwaukee, Wisconsin (2013)
  • 21st UNIMA Congress & World Puppetry Festival, Jakarta, Indonesia (2013)
  • Squam Lakes Nature Center, Holderness, NH (2013)
  • Artists in Residence, Rhode Island School of Design (2013)
  • Endangered Species Parade, Orlando, FL (2013)
  • Puppeteers of America Festival, Swarthmore, PA (2013)
  • Indianapolis Museum of Art (2012)
  • 20th UNIMA Congress, Chengdu China (2012)
  • World Puppet Festival, Almaty, Kazahkstan (2012)
  • Detroit Institute of the Arts, Detroit, MI (2012)

Kite Performer & Choreographer, Indoor Kite Shows/Promotional Video, Guildworks 1998–2014



Corporate Shows: Las Vegas (1998-1999), Connecticut (2012), Tulsa, Oklahoma (2014) The Making of the Event, Carnival25 Tulsa, Oklahoma 


Kite Performer on Water, Kiteman Productions 1995–2012

Dual line kites and hang-gliders affixed with pyrotechnics flown from speedboats and jet-skis
  • Kuwait City (2012) 
  • Doha (2012)
  • Dubai, (2012)
  • Splendid China (1995)
  • Surprise in the Skies, Disney World (1991-92, 1995)

Kite Consultant & Performer for Instructional Video, “Catch the Magic” 1998–1999

Nova Design Group, US distributer of HQ Kites

Sponsored Kite-flyer/Competitor, Kite-flying Instructor, Sales & Promotion 1985–1991

Single, dual and quad-line kites, all wind conditions, Awarded numerous 1st places
  • Wildwood Bikes and Kites, NJ; Meadow Mouse Kites, PA; Kligg’s Kites, NC


1st Place for Dual-line Sport Kiting in Regional and National Festivals 1991-1992

  • Wildwood International Kite Festival 1991-1992; Kitefest, Ocean City 1991; Kitelines Long Island, NY 1991; Meadow Mouse Kites Philadelphia, PA 1991; Kligg’s Kites Myrtle Beach, SC 1991


Ballroom Dance Coach/Choreographer, Tango & Salsa Teacher and Performer Internationally renowned tango instructor 1996 – present

Highlights include: directing, choreographing for Theater in the Park, Denver CO; Symphony Players, Denver, CO; Hudson Reed Theater, Aspen, CO; Aspen Music School, Aspen, CO and hosting numerous dance events in Colorado; touring with world-renowned dance instructor Daniel Trenner


Working knowledge of French and Spanish; familiarity with Chinese and Arabic


Aerial Silk Dancer, Go-Go Dancer, Yoga Instructor, Stretch Therapist, Climber, Skier, Runner, Bicyclist, Chocolatier and Cider-Maker



Bachelor of Arts, St. John’s College, Santa Fe NM 1998

Double Major, History of Math & Science, Philosophy Minors in Comparative Literature & Classical Studies

Waves Dance Company, Philadelphia 1986-90

Modern Dance

Show Folks of America with Jenny Wallenda, Sarasota Florida 1979-81

Tumbling & Dancing


Video portfolio


Bruce Flora, Director of Kiteman Productions, (407) 948-5478, email here

Mar C. Ricketts, Director of Guildworks, (503) 236-0166, email here

Heather Henson, Director of Ibex Puppetry, (407) 694-5615, email here